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Principles and Practices

AltaPacific is committed to ethical business conduct. Since its inception, AltaPacific has been dedicated to making important contributions to the companies and communities in which we do business. We strive for the performance of our people to be outstanding at every level and we continue to improve our service commitments in every project we do. Our outstanding performance record is the result of an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with quality products and services while meeting the highest moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs.

The company's reputation reflects the performance of its employees. We are aware that improper conduct by any one employee affects the reputation of all employees. Therefore, each of us has a special duty to lead by example and insist on only the highest business standards from all other AltaPacific employees. Our conduct must not only look right, it must be right. The company cannot tolerate unethical behavior in pursuit of its business goals.

By constantly reinforcing and improving our commitments to ethical business conduct and customer satisfaction, AltaPacific is meeting the challenge of preserving our employees and shareholders value systems as we take advantage of the many opportunities we have to diversify and grow.

AltaPacific Technology Solutions Group is an industry leading technology solutions and software development company.
We provide information technology, software development, eSolutions, infrastructure and systems integration services worldwide.
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