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Electronic Document Routing and Management System

The Electronic Document Routing and Management System (eDRMS) is AltaPacific's industry recognized business process management and workflow automation solution. The eDRMS automates the currently time-intensive and error prone paper workflow processes that are currently in place in many businesses. The eDRMS allows companies to convert existing documents into electronic documents and associate them to workflows. Each step of the document routing processes is action based and routed according to user approvals, denials or other actions at each step. Utilizing the edrms allows companies to set up alerts when documents are pending for a user, report on process inefficiencies, retrieve real-time document statuses, automate time-based decision process, have a central backup of all office records, and much more. eDRMS is popular with banks, insurance companies, doctors offices or any other organization that uses workflow for their documents (such as a loan application or claim).

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