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In the past, companies who desired the extended functionality for email processing within their organization have been required to maintain internal mail systems. The hardware, software, bandwidth and technical expertise to maintain an internal mail server are beyond the reach of many smaller and mid-size companies. AltaPacific group email services address this market sector by providing customized business rules and email delivery services to companies who do not maintain internal mail systems. These Services include the following;

Auto Responders
Auto Responders are used primarily for automating common information that you would like to go out to interested parties on demand. Interested parties simply send email to a given address and an automatic response is sent with the requested information. Common uses include:
Request for Bids
bids@yourcompany.com is set up to send out the latest request for bids to interested bidding parties
Company Policies, Libraries, Spec sheets and information
You can have policies and common information automatically sent out to inquiring employees or parties when they send an email address with the desired spec sheet specified in the subject line.
Driving and Lodging information
maps@yourcompany.com is created which automatically sends out driving directions to your office. Simply tell a user to send a mail to maps@yourcompany.com and he will get an auto response within minutes with the driving directions and an attached pdf map.
This is also useful for people on vacation, extended leave or who have left the company and need a "friendly" email to automatically respond to people with information on who to contact in their absense.

Automatic Blind Carbon Copying
This is for monitoring communications to a given address. (e.g., any email sent to employee@yourcompany.com is also copied and sent to manager@yourcompany.com) This is done at the server level and it is never seen by employee@yourcompany.com. This is useful if you want to monitor communications to employees, technical or sales staff without them knowing you see a copy of everything they get.

Group and Distribution List
Distribution List allow for the creation of a group of people who receive the same email as if they were one account. (e.g., email sent to sales@yourcompany.com gets copied and forwarded to joe@yourcompany.com, mike@yourcompany.com, sam@yourcompany.com). This is useful for guaranteeing all pertinent parties recieve information; sales, legal, production, marketing, execs, etc.

Group and Policy based email
Allows filtering and rules to be placed on a given email address. (e.g., billgates@microsoft.com can only accept email from microsoft.com emails. This allows him not to be swamped with people trying to get ahold of him. This Guarantees efficency in company communication without worrying about being overwhelmed with personal emails from outside the organization) This is useful for guaranteeing employee efficiency as well while giving them the flexibility of email.

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