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Online Training and Testing

Distance and online learning are rapidly growing as a new era of certification hungry occupations are on the rise. AltaPacific has recognized this demand and addressed it with applications that allow users self-paced multimedia education and dynamic real-time testing through software applications.

AltaPacific can give your client base the ability to conduct and create tests for online testing and train key personnel and other employees. Our software engineers can work hand-in-hand with your personnel in developing online tests, training tools and even video conferencing. We can customize our software to fit any need you may have, whether it's a real-time questions and answer test, or a simple questionnaire designed by you. AltaPacific has worked with leading financial institutions, and universities to create comprehensive solutions that give their end users and employee base a vehicle that takes them to the next level of inter-activity.

Training Facilities

AltaPacific also offers use of our on-site training facilities to companies without their own facilities. Companies can purchase usage of the training facility completly stocked with the latest PC technology and internet access. Our on-site training facility is available for customers to conduct their own in-house training by bringing in outside trainers or they can use AltaPacific certified trainers.

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