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Motion Vault - Offsite Video Archiving Services

Government regulations, corporate policies, and litigation are just some of the reasons why more companies are being required to store video for long periods of time. Litigation or auditing can be initiated months or even years after an event.

Local storage and management of large amounts of video for long periods of time (especially high-quality video) can be a daunting, if not impossible, task. Not only does the cost of large amounts of storage need to be considered, but also the physical space to hold it, the ability to manage it, and the need to keep it safe.

AltaPacific is in a unique position to offer turnkey offsite backup, storage, and archiving solutions through the Motion Vault service. Motion Vault is custom tailored to remote video archiving and management. AltaPacific together with Motion Vault can offer:

  • Secure co-location facilities nationwide to store video data for long periods of time as required by your legal advisors and corporate policies.
  • As a bandwidth provider, we can supply connections of any size necessary to move large amounts of video to and from most locations worldwide.
  • Industry-standard, fully redundant and scalable storage solutions
  • Custom web-based software interfaces allowing remote access view archived video and stored information.
  • Video searching capabilities to retrieve video clips based on criteria collected by our unique analytic algorithms.

The flexibility that comes from having our own co-location facilities and being a bandwidth provider means we can create a custom solution to fit your specific needs and budget. (We can also design systems to handle corporate, financial, or medical data, simply and securely.)

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